Seek Wellness

Wellness involves so much more than your health.

It’s how you feel and function in your overall life.  We Americans are overfed yet undernourished and under-slept but over-caffeinated.  Many of us are trapped in unfulfilling jobs or toxic relationships.  We can’t be nice to others when we ourselves are not in a good place.  Being truly happy with ourselves, satisfied with our careers, having loving, supportive relationships and taking time to ‘play’ are essential to wellness.


Here are some examples of things you can do to boost your health, your happiness and get well!

  • Find joy in your work
  • Spend time with people you love
  • Find a physical activity that excites you
  • Try new foods that are good for you, and give you energy
  • Get meaningful rest
  • Find something to believe in that’s bigger than yourself
  • Help a friend (or stranger!)

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