“I came out of Maddy Day’s program feeling stronger, healthier and significantly more balanced. She’s a great coach and mentor, professional and knowledgable but down to earth and personable with a great sense of humor.”

“When I signed up for the Well & Balanced program, I assumed it would be food focused – I would cop to what I eat and would be told why I shouldn’t. Instead, my sessions with Madeleine started with an evaluation of when, with who and how I eat – and very quickly evolved into a plan to be happier. “

How was your Well & Balance Health experience?   Unbelieveably positive.    Her weekly summaries are smart, insightful, and spot on every single time. It’s amazing what she can glean with a few smart questions in a session.  She asks the tough and big questions but she also leaves you with very practical tips for practicing new habits.

What changed for the better in your life while working with Madeleine?  Everything!  She has helped me think differently about my relationship with my husband and kids — and see that those relationships are what drives the choices we make about food. 

“Well & Balanced offers a customized path to long term changes that happen so slowly you almost don’t realize you’re becoming a better you.  Six months later, I can say I am a better parent, a better wife and a better friend – most especially to myself. ” Sara A.

“I lost weight through the sessions, but more importantly,  I recognized the patterns that were creating the old habits and worked to create lasting changes. In such a short amount of time, I have shifted from being a stress eater, to someone who enjoys cooking healthy food as a way to relax.”

What made you enroll in the Well & Balanced Health Program? I was feeling hopeless about my inability to consistently eat the healthy food that gives me the energy to thrive — and desparate to tackle the ongoing stress eating that was creating a cycle of inbalance and negativity.

To whom would you recommend Well & Balanced Health?  Anyone who has tried everything before — and wants a different approach to really dig into the changes that will allow you to take control over food. Kelly B.

The Well & Balanced program offers customized accountability that leads to tangible changes without ever feeling burdened by the transformation.”

“Maddy Day helps you make small changes that make you BETTER!” – Cara M.

“Working with Madeleine was a tremendous step in transforming my life back into healthy balance. Having been frustrated with many doctors’ pill-pushing approaches to cholesterol and chronic or acute health issues, I reached out to Madeleine to seek some control over my own health.”

“Madeleine helped me see the broader balance necessary beyond just the foods I eat to keep my body and mind healthy -No doubt I had to make some profound changes in my lifestyle, but gradual, goal oriented changes ultimately helped me make these shifts over time. The result was coming out not only conquering my health goals, but making lifestyle and dietary changes in a way that didn’t beat me up and wasn’t about “denial” or “loss”.

“After slowly degrading my health. The Well and Balanced program helped me recognize and address these habits in a very positive and non-intrusive way” Charlie P.

“Dr. Vanstory, I really appreciate your blog, and after reading your bio I am amazed that you have time to write. One of the things that interested me most about your blog is that a family practice physician was taking the time to talk about nutrition! Thank you so much for listening” David P. 

“I’m in my early thirties and have a desk job.  I try and maintain an active lifestyle but knew my eating habits were questionable at times.  My quest for lifelong health was at best stationary, until I began working with Madeleine.  Madeleine first helped me with the basics of navigating the supermarket and deciphering between marketing nutrition and actual nutrition.  From here the program evolved into an educationally enriching view of holistic nutrition beyond just “eat this” and “not that.”  Our sessions explored all aspects of nutrition and helpful reading guides were used to introduce concepts and theories that I found fascinating.  These concepts will serve as lifelong cornerstones for living a well and balanced life.  Madeleine has the perfect personality to help you achieve your goals, and she serves as a shining example in her own life.  Thanks Madeleine!  ” B. Stone

“I’m so fortunate to have found Dr. Vanstory…She was able to help me break down my goals into manageable steps.  She supported me as I made necessary changes and for that I am truly grateful” Shannon S.

“Working with Madeleine has been such a great experience. Although I would consider myself a healthy eater, Madeleine helped me focus on all other aspects of my life. She helped me set and achieve personal goals that have propelled my world in a new direction. Who knew in a matter of 6 months I’d have a new job in a new city with a new outlook on life. Madeleine asked the tough questions that gave me the extra push I needed to make the changes I’ve been wanting to make for a while now!”  Meredith H.

“I can’t thank you enough…being able to connect the dots is very exciting and I’m so relieved to finally understand why I haven’t felt well, for really, all my life! Jana J.