RECIPE: Wicked-Good Varenna Soup

Because I’ve never really been known for my cooking, this whole nutritional wellness blog thing has been an adventure.  For every exceptionally delicious recipe listed here, there have been many culinary tragedies… just ask my husband.  Especially when we were living in Maine.  He managed to keep down some terrible concoctions.  It was a dark time. One genre in particular has evaded my skills….  that … Continue reading RECIPE: Wicked-Good Varenna Soup

RECIPE: Green Bean and Mushroom Soup (or Casserole)

Looking for a healthy, hardy, tasty, filling soup? Well if you aren’t, you should be! This is a great recipe that you can dress up as a casserole if need be! Mushrooms are an overlooked ingredient that are incredibly good for us.  They are cancer preventers, they are high in vitamin D, and there are studies that have shown substituting mushrooms for various foods (like … Continue reading RECIPE: Green Bean and Mushroom Soup (or Casserole)

RECIPE: Crock Pot Stew

The crock pot is under celebrated.  I always thought crock pots were kinda “country”, but now I’ve seen the light.  Throw in your ingredients and walk away.  Come back 4-5 hours later and poof: Dinner for 8!  What’s not to love, y’all? This easy, hearty stew is so simple, your boss could make it. It’s hardy, healthy and filling, and makes enough for the whole … Continue reading RECIPE: Crock Pot Stew

RULE: Be good when you can

We all have days when we need a drink or need a vacation or a personal assistant, or a helicopter or just a hefty dose of chocolate.  But then there are days, every so often when things are going just right.  These are the days when you gotta be good. Exercise a little longer or harder or for the first time ever! Skip dessert. Order … Continue reading RULE: Be good when you can

RECIPE: Kale and Coconut Soup

How do you describe a simple, easy, healthy soup? Souper Dooper, that’s how! Plus I have a suitcase-sized bag of Kale from Whole foods, that despite daily kale smoothies and 2 grains and greens salads, is still occupying an entire shelf in my fridge. Kale delivers a nutritional karate chop while coconut milk provides a delicious creamy texture. The spices bring it up a savory-notch, but … Continue reading RECIPE: Kale and Coconut Soup