RECIPE: Easy Healthy Quick Dinners

If you’re like me, you want a healthy rotation of dinners that don’t get boring, don’t take a fortnight to prepare, are easy on the wallet and tempt the ole’ taste buds. For those of us without a personal chef and lacking culinary genius, the list below will help guide your grocery shopping on Sunday for a healthy weekly rotation.  Select your sauce, your meats/proteins, … Continue reading RECIPE: Easy Healthy Quick Dinners

RECIPE: Red Pepper Humus

My mother is often whipping up various Cuisinart creations.  This is her Red Pepper Hummus recipe. Easy and delicious! 1 can chick peas drained and rinsed (to remove salt) 1/3 cup tahini (or grind your own sesame seeds) 1/4 cup lemon joice 2 T olive oil 1 clove garlic or garlic powder 1/2-3/4 cup roasted red  bell peppers  I used a whole jar including liquid I … Continue reading RECIPE: Red Pepper Humus

RULE: Eat Clean Protein

For some reason, growing up I thought every meal had to include meat.  While meat is essential for some, I’ve found for me there are tons of other options out there that are leaner, cleaner and make me feel mo’ better than a big greasy burger (though every now and then, I’ll throw a burger in—if it’s from a local farm, grass-fed, hormone free and … Continue reading RULE: Eat Clean Protein

RANT: Do I need Vitamins?

We Americans have a pill for everything: feel stressed? take a Xanax. Cant sleep? take an Ambien? Can’t get it up? take a Viagra. We even take our vitamins, which should come from our diet, in a pill form.  We don’t even think of vitamins as being a part of food anymore. We think of vitamins as, well, vitamins.  Those hard to swallow pills. Now, … Continue reading RANT: Do I need Vitamins?

RANT: Why Buy Local?

K guys, I’ve got some good news and some bad news….the food industry is doing a great job of selling their products (that’s the good news), but they don’t give a rip about your health!  There are things in the food on the grocery store shelves that are there to keep food from going bad, and to make us eat more of it, but ultimately … Continue reading RANT: Why Buy Local?

RECIPE: Homemade Healthy “Ice Cream” Smoothie

I’m keen on Ice Cream.  Thankfully for me (and the seams of my jeans), I’ve created this healthy alternative. Create your own versions by adding 1/2 banana or a Tbsp of cacao powder or 1 Tbsp of coffee beans. In a Blender combine: 1 cup almond or hemp milk 1 cup ice (or 2 cups SNOW!) 1/4 cup chia seeds* (optional super food, addition thickens) … Continue reading RECIPE: Homemade Healthy “Ice Cream” Smoothie

RULES: Get it out!

Getting healthy isn’t just about what we put in our mouths.  It’s what we think, say and do! It’s what we believe; it’s how we see the world.  We all have emotional traumas that we carry with us (whether it’s loss, struggle, injustice, or simply feeling like we’re not good, smart, thin or good-looking enough). Sometimes it’s the negative thoughts that perpetuate bad habits.  When … Continue reading RULES: Get it out!