RANT: Your Kids Will Eat What You Do

If you’ve ever had a 12 month old, you know they want what you have.  They want your phone, your keys, your coffee.  The same is true at meal time.  If you’re eating chips, they’ll want chips.  If you’re eating salad, they are 100% more likely to explore the texture of your salad, than if they’ve never seen you eating greens. I’m not saying broccoli … Continue reading RANT: Your Kids Will Eat What You Do

RECIPE: Dragon Fruit Smoothie

For all you Game of Thrones fanatics or those of you who care what you put in to your body, this is a Dragonfruit smoothie, whose color is more vibrant than Bran Stark’s visions.   Dragon fruit, or Pitaya, is actually the fruit of a cactus,  has a mild flavor like melon or kiwifruit and is rich in antioxidants (hello anti-aging!) If you don’t have any … Continue reading RECIPE: Dragon Fruit Smoothie

RANT: Let’s Talk Libido Part I

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? What is libido? It’s your sex drive. Your eagerness to mate. Your desire to engage in sex. Does talking about sex drive make you uncomfortable? Have you felt you never were as interested in sex as others? Were you taught that sex was a private thing? Shameful?  Do you feel LESS sexual than you have in the past? The … Continue reading RANT: Let’s Talk Libido Part I

RULE: Mix up Your Veggie Tray

Good for you for bringing a veggie tray! It’s nice to have something to nosh on that is NOT deep fried or lathered in cheese! Next time you’re called on to provide a glimmer of nutrition for the snackfest, mix it up!  Consider switching up the carrots and celery for something that pops with color that people will want to pop in their mouths.  I love the color … Continue reading RULE: Mix up Your Veggie Tray