RECIPE: Great Balls of Fire

First off, I cannot utter the phrase “Great Balls of Fire” without recalling that scene in Top Gun….Goose and Maverick plus a piano–when Tom Cruise was crazy hot…not crazy! That aside, these Great Balls of Fire are crazy good!  Just a smudge of cayenne brings the heat while rev-ing metabolism and fighting infections! I’ve been on a coconut kick lately, but if those tropical shavings don’t suit your … Continue reading RECIPE: Great Balls of Fire

RECIPE: Jicama Salad

Looking for a simple salad that’s not the same ole, same ole?  Look no further.  If you have access to Trader Joe’s cubed Jicama (hick-uh-muh), it won’t get much easier than this! If not, you could swap apples and still get a super-duper, fresh, new salad or ‘work for it’ and peel n’ chop your own jicama! tells us jicama’s health benefits are “derived from … Continue reading RECIPE: Jicama Salad

RULE: Eat Plants at Breakfast

Have you seen what constitutes the average American’s Breakfast?  I have. Trust me, I can ‘put it away’ in the food department.  But I am appalled at what we ingest first thing in the am.  Did you know that anymore than about 500 calories at a time immediately gets stored as fat? The body can’t use all of the “energy” we give it. And by … Continue reading RULE: Eat Plants at Breakfast

RECIPE: Peach Fuzz Delight

Did you over do it this Labor Day weekend?! If so, let celebrate the end of summer with a truly delicious concoction!   If not, let’s still celebrate summer’s end with this delicious concoction! A dear friend brought over peaches, rum and one of those frozen Lime-aid cans. Delighted by her having brought over peaches, rum and enthusiasm for fun, I hated to eject her … Continue reading RECIPE: Peach Fuzz Delight

RECIPE: Summer Veggie Ceviche

Summer’s a drawing to a close…. which makes me sad because, ain’t nuthin tastier than summer vegetables! They are simply bursting with color and flavor. And techincally the more colorful your meal, the more nutrient dense, so get to your local farmers market to buy up some goodness! My other mother’s bestie shared this lil number with us, and it was a hit at our … Continue reading RECIPE: Summer Veggie Ceviche