Slow down!

While discussing her trip to Bali and Hinduism (and how Hindus take time to pray 3 x day), my hair dresser and I joked about Americans never stop ‘doing’.  No one I know stops to pray 3 x day.  Even when I try to get a regular meditation practice going, I “meditate” while driving or fixing breakfast.  Which I’m pretty sure is NOT meditating! As … Continue reading Slow down!

Think First

So, we’ve already discussed that there many reasons we eat.  Most often, it is NOT because we are hungry.  It’s because we are at a social outing, we’re nervous, we’re bored, we’re thirsty, we’re lonely, we’re still bored, we’re curious, we want to feel good…the list goes on.  So, another version of the  “Would I eat an apple?” RULE is the following exercise. Before you eat … Continue reading Think First

Surround Yourself with Healthy People

The next time you are out to eat, look around you. Notice the number of fit vs obese people in the restaurant -observe both patrons and employees.  This is a good indicator of whether the restaurant you’ve chosen will support your health. If you frequent overweight feeding spots, you are likely on your way to joining the millions of hefty Americans – because guess what packs on the … Continue reading Surround Yourself with Healthy People