RECIPE: Green Detox Smoothie

Well, hello there! I’m your new favorite smoothie! This jar of nutrition is incredibly delicious!  It’s a quick but healthy breakfast and makes enough for two, so share with your favorite morning time buddy or enjoy some as a snack later in the day. This morning I offered a spoon of it my 1 year old, who then enjoyed more than her share! Recipe is inspired by Barre3, my fave workout … Continue reading RECIPE: Green Detox Smoothie

RECIPE: Simple Mushroom Risotto

Looking for a simple, savory, filling winter dish? This number makes a great side item to pair with steak, pork or chicken, but it’s hardy enough to be served as the main course! Easy to make and serves ~ 6 people. Keeps in the fridge all week long.  INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cooked farro (can also use bulgur, brown rice, quinoa or orzo) 1 cup chopped mushrooms 1 … Continue reading RECIPE: Simple Mushroom Risotto

RULE: Love Thyself

  As Valentine’s approaches, you may feel compelled to buy a card or chocolates for a loved one.  Or maybe you feel sad or lonely because you don’t have or are apart from a loved one.  Whatever you are feeling, know that love exists in you.  It’s all around you. You can lose it, but it will find you again. You’ll never run out no matter how much … Continue reading RULE: Love Thyself

RANT: Your Super Bowl Strategy

Once you determine the point spread, what’ll be on your Super Bowl food spread? As we watch some of the best commercials of the year, a stellar halftime musical extravaganza, oh yeah, and the Panthers beat the Broncos, our country will consume thousands of pounds of hot cheese and mayonnaise.  But perhaps this year you’ll trade your usual buffet playbook for a plate that will actually improve your ‘health game’ and … Continue reading RANT: Your Super Bowl Strategy