RANT: Elite “Ate”

Warm Blackberry Cobbler                                                                                                  with Vanilla Ice Cream VS Mom’s Carrot Cake _____________________________________ Groove Ice Cream  Cookie Sandwiches … Continue reading RANT: Elite “Ate”

RANT: Give a Little

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you it was more fun to give than receive … and you were like “That’s crazy talk!”? You never quite got the end of the Grinch, when all the Who’s down in Whoville sang together, not bummed at all that their gifts had been jacked. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be upset if we were … Continue reading RANT: Give a Little

RANT: Fa La La Lardo

Ok my lil’ Sugar Plums, tis the season for over indulgence.  If you made it through Thanksgiving without heartburn or a pant size adjustment, good on ya!  But holiday parties abound these next few weeks. So brace yourself and your belts.  I could name 900 tasty treats you are likely to encounter this Yuletide, from egg nog to saltine toffee (<-do not click there, it’s a … Continue reading RANT: Fa La La Lardo

RANT: Be Grateful

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I used to joke that I didn’t need a holiday to over eat, that I could do that all year long.  I suppose the same could be said for ‘giving thanks’. It’s nice that we pause, for one day in our lives, to give thanks (and to over eat and drink, yell across the table with loved ones, then sloth-out on the couch … Continue reading RANT: Be Grateful

RECIPE: Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are nature’s perfectly packaged nutrient and protein rich little gift.  People used to avoid egg because they were told the yolks were high in cholesterol. Now research has found that eggs also raise the good cholesterol that our bodies need.  So I’m not saying go all ‘Cool Hand Luke‘ on me, but enjoy eggs regularly, don’t fear them! It almost seems  ridiculous to call it a … Continue reading RECIPE: Hard Boiled Eggs

RANT: why simplify?

I consider myself a fluctuator.  You know, a sorta healthy weight until the proverbial “___ hits the fan”, life gets stressful, then it starts …. I’m not sleeping enough, I’m eating junky foods, and lots of it, then BAM! I swell up like 2 sizes….until stuff cools down and I’m able to get back to my routine of healthy living. But then again, isn’t that’s … Continue reading RANT: why simplify?

RANT: Packaged Meals

I worked around 110 hours a week and I gained like 11 pounds in the first month of my medical training.  I didn’t even notice because I was so exhausted—plus, the scrubs we wore, allowed you to,  unknowingly go up 4 sizes, and still fit in to your cinch-able scrub pants. My diet consisted entirely of individually wrapped graham crackers and peanut butter tubs (which were … Continue reading RANT: Packaged Meals

RULE: 5 Ways toTravel Smart

I get it. It’s hard to eat right when you travel. But is it? Or do we simply succumb  to convenience and temptation, buying something in a rush at the airport or ordering 3 courses because “work is paying for it”.  Sure, eating out healthfully, whether for business or pleasure, can be tricky.  But if you PLAN AHEAD, you don’t have to pork out when … Continue reading RULE: 5 Ways toTravel Smart

RANT: Will Power

I can make myself get up t0 go to work. I brush my teeth daily (so I don’t get cavities or a jacked up grill) and wash my face twice a day (so I don’t get acne) I can make myself exercise, even when I don’t want to. So why is it so hard to NOT eat something that’s bad for me? I overheard a nurse at … Continue reading RANT: Will Power

RECIPE: Breakfast for Dinner Quiche

For all y’all living on the WILD SIDE, doing crazy things like driving a few mph’s faster than the speed limit, or ingesting things with recently passed expiration dates, or worse, eating Breakfast for dinner! Breakfast for dinner?!!?  Heavens me. My family never did it, but it’s always good to break up the routine, try something new, right? If that’s just too rowdy for you, have the following for … Continue reading RECIPE: Breakfast for Dinner Quiche

RECIPE: Easy Healthy Quick Dinners

If you’re like me, you want a healthy rotation of dinners that don’t get boring, don’t take a fortnight to prepare, are easy on the wallet and tempt the ole’ taste buds. For those of us without a personal chef and lacking culinary genius, the list below will help guide your grocery shopping on Sunday for a healthy weekly rotation.  Select your sauce, your meats/proteins, … Continue reading RECIPE: Easy Healthy Quick Dinners

RANT: Wants and Needs

Sing it with me! “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes… you get what you need” Awwww yeah. Sometimes what you need and what you want coincide: “I need a vacation” and “I want a vacation” or “I want to take a nap” and “I need a nap”  (hypothetically, of course) But more often than not, what you want and what you need are diamterically opposed: “I need to work out, but I want to go for cocktails” or “I need to go … Continue reading RANT: Wants and Needs

RANT: Give a Little Thought

For those of you who celebrate Valentines Day, or feel the need to recognize your loved one with something sweet, this year consider something other than the the trite box o’ chocolates. Don’t get me wrong, I like real chocolate as much as the next addict, but most of what’s being peddled this time of year ain’t really chocolate (it’s milkfats, additives and sugar with … Continue reading RANT: Give a Little Thought

RANT: Pump the Brakes, Kid

Ever since I started talking more about nutrition and coaching folks to a healthier,  happier life, I’ve gotten the sense my inner circle thinks they can’t eat a donut or a hotdog if I’m around.  I feel a bit like an off-duty cop must feel, eager to get home, while people in front of him keep slamming on their brakes because a COP just pulled … Continue reading RANT: Pump the Brakes, Kid