Recently, my mother took us to a dude ranch. The first day you are assigned a horse and instructed how to make it go, stop, turn left and  right. You are also told NOT TO LET YOUR HORSE EAT while on the trails.  Apparently , the horses know when they have a new rider and will test them to see how many tree leaves they … Continue reading RANT: YANK THE REIGNS

RANT: 5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies

Parents let their kids eat the scariest things.  Maybe they don’t know that things that are bright blue are loaded with dyes and artificial flavorings, or maybe they don’t know those things impact their children’s health. If you have children in your life, PLEASE care enough about their health to make sure they are eating vegetables, even if you aren’t (though kids tend to eat … Continue reading RANT: 5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies


I generally think surveys and scoring systems are for people with a penchant for mathematics and the mundane . . . and for those who need to ‘get out’ more. But Whole Foods and health foodies alike are using the ANDI score,  a numerical value which represents how nutrient rich a food is per calorie.  This “Aggregate Nutritient Density Index” was developed by Dr Furhman*, … Continue reading RANT: ANDI Scores

RANT: Fruits of Labor

Each summer I intend to take the kids to a u-pick-ur-own berry farm.  Our son likes blue berries and our daughter, strawberries, but unfortunately neither one loves berries enough to get behind this fun, healthy, potentially disappointingly laborious activity. “Do we have too?” (Clearly they need a little more labor and little less luxury, because berry picking is fun right?! Am I wrong here people?) … Continue reading RANT: Fruits of Labor

RECIPE: Strawberry Smoothie

So you’ve heard “juicing” is all the rage and wanna check out a nutritious smoothie option, but don’t have pomagranite seeds or kumquats? Or maybe you’re just looking for something a little less noxious than a pop-tart or egg McMuffin to start your day, but don’t wanna get too crazy health-nutty….This is the ‘starter’ smoothie for you.  I always have these ingredients in my freezer, … Continue reading RECIPE: Strawberry Smoothie

RECIPE: Kale Salad

My mother passed along this delicious recipe, and I’m sorry I don’t have the source!  But I do have the decency to admit it and share it nonetheless—I wouldn’t want you missin out on this once, just because I’m a slacker! INGREDIENTS: 1- 2 Tbsp minced onion (red, white, yellow or green) 1 Tbsp olive or flax oil 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice (about 1 … Continue reading RECIPE: Kale Salad

RULE: Be a Food Detective

I recently had a mother ask me what she should be looking for on the food label with regards to protein, fats, and carbs, when shopping for her daughter.  I remember when I used to count carbs and fat and calories.  Now I never do. Now I don’t even think about the numbers.  The ONLY thing I think about is what’s IN the food.  Isn’t … Continue reading RULE: Be a Food Detective

RANT: What’s the Deal with all these milk options?

Milk used to just mean, well, milk. The only place it came from was a cow. Who knew you could get a milk from Rice, Coconut, Hemp, hazelnuts, and Almonds? So which of these white liquids is right for you?  And why not just stick to cow’s milk? Some people find their allergies and their stomach problems completely disappear when they cut out cow’s milk. … Continue reading RANT: What’s the Deal with all these milk options?