RECIPE: Simple Sating Breakfast Bowl

Clients often ask me what I eat for breakfast.  As if the answer is a window in to my secret healthy, holy grail.  To be honest, I’m still searching for my Health Holy Grail: The potion that crushes my sweet tooth cravings, the meal that leaves me happy, healthy, wealthier and wiser, right? Well, maybe it’s in a spinach smoothie or maybe it’s in an onion, mushroom and … Continue reading RECIPE: Simple Sating Breakfast Bowl

RECIPE: Healthy Grilled Cheese

As a child, every time I went out to dinner with my parents, I ordered a grilled cheese with bacon.  White bread, Kraft singles “cheese product” and who knows what was in the bacon.  But to me, it was delicious.  Now, however,  I shudder at the thought of it. In America, we seem to feed our kids only comfort foods with NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE.  Why is it … Continue reading RECIPE: Healthy Grilled Cheese

RANT: Do You Use Toxic Baby Wipes?

I’ve spent a lot of time eliminating the toxins in my diet. I now avoid foods with additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes, and avoid meats and diary that have hormones and antibiotics in them.  Why?  because there’s this thing called CANCER, you may have heard of it.  Well, these things we ingest, actually cause it.  Like, it’s a KNOWN fact, but it still turns … Continue reading RANT: Do You Use Toxic Baby Wipes?

RECIPE: Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Want a simple, crowd pleasing healthy dipping sauce? Try this Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. It’s so easy to make, your 3 year old nephew could do it, but don’t tell and folks’ll be “oohing” and ‘aahhing” over your creation. In an attractive serving bowl combine: 1 organic red pepper, roasted and diced (cook in oven or toaster oven 375 x 10-15 minutes while combining other … Continue reading RECIPE: Roasted Red Pepper Sauce