RANT: Eating Yourself Sick

I’ve been explaining to patients over the years, that we are eating ourselves sick. With all of the chemicals, dyes and preservatives in foods these days, it’s nearly impossible to purchase a real food item in the grocery store. Even produce is laden with pesticides. These chemicals are known to cause diabetes and cancer. So we shouldn’t be eating them. We should eat only the … Continue reading RANT: Eating Yourself Sick


Recently, my mother took us to a dude ranch. The first day you are assigned a horse and instructed how to make it go, stop, turn left and  right. You are also told NOT TO LET YOUR HORSE EAT while on the trails.  Apparently , the horses know when they have a new rider and will test them to see how many tree leaves they … Continue reading RANT: YANK THE REIGNS

RANT: The Horse and the Donkey

That title makes it sound like this is going to be a pretty funny blog.  Well, it’s not. It’s actually quite sad.  This blogspot is a glance at the different eating habits of the two animals.  I could have most or all of the details mixed up, but I’m pretty sure I remember my mother telling me, that if you were to leave an entire week’s worth of oats for a horse to … Continue reading RANT: The Horse and the Donkey