RECIPE: Chocolate Milkshake

Call it a smoothie, call it a milkshake, call it a healthy sweet fix. Call it whatever you like, but I bet you’ll be calling me to thank me for this delicious thick creamy shake recipe.  It’s packed with nutrient-rich super foods, is all natural and low sugar, so you don’t have to break your New Year’s Resolution just yet!  1 Cup Coconut Milk (or … Continue reading RECIPE: Chocolate Milkshake

RECIPE: Homemade Healthy “Ice Cream” Smoothie

I’m keen on Ice Cream.  Thankfully for me (and the seams of my jeans), I’ve created this healthy alternative. Create your own versions by adding 1/2 banana or a Tbsp of cacao powder or 1 Tbsp of coffee beans. In a Blender combine: 1 cup almond or hemp milk 1 cup ice (or 2 cups SNOW!) 1/4 cup chia seeds* (optional super food, addition thickens) … Continue reading RECIPE: Homemade Healthy “Ice Cream” Smoothie