RANT: Be Grateful

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I used to joke that I didn’t need a holiday to over eat, that I could do that all year long.  I suppose the same could be said for ‘giving thanks’. It’s nice that we pause, for one day in our lives, to give thanks (and to over eat and drink, yell across the table with loved ones, then sloth-out on the couch … Continue reading RANT: Be Grateful

RULE: Stop Making Excuses

EXCUSES                                                 MY HARSH RESPONSE “I don’t like vegetables”         “I don’t like wearing a seat belt, but I hear it’s good for me” “my knees hurt when I run”       “the heavier you are the more they’ll … Continue reading RULE: Stop Making Excuses

RECIPE: Easy Lunch: Avocado, Cream Cheese and Salmon Toast

Remember we talked about good fats and bad fats? Fat around your waist, BAD.  Fat from walnuts, GOOD.  Fat from a bacon-cheese burger, BAD.  Fat from an avocado and fish oil, GOOD.  So fear not the good fat! It keeps you full longer, makes your skin glow and your hair shiny.  Now, don’t go all Joey Chesnut on the fat intake, but enjoy small amounts … Continue reading RECIPE: Easy Lunch: Avocado, Cream Cheese and Salmon Toast

RECIPE: Edamame and Portobello Mushroom Dish

This is my new favorite simple yummy recipe.  It’s so delicious you might faint, but stay prone as long as you like, because you’ll save loads of time making it! You’ll need: 1 bag of frozen shelled edamame 2 Portobello mushrooms, sliced 1 sleeve of soba noodles (don’t fret, most international aisles at the grocery store have these; 3 sleeves per package) 1/3 cup lite soy … Continue reading RECIPE: Edamame and Portobello Mushroom Dish

RANT: Sugar is Crack

SWEET TREATS A few of my girlfriends love candy. Not chocolate, but candy. I never understood this.  One friend, coincidently a Dentist, especially loves the sugary, teeth-decaying type; like Swedish fish or gummy-anything. Not me. Give me chocolate and peanut butter over a gum drop any day of the week. Raspberry sorbet could never battle chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream with Butterfinger topping. Adorable dentist friend and … Continue reading RANT: Sugar is Crack

RECIPE: Summer Corn Salad

  Summer is not quite over and and neither is your quest for healthy eating and living! This recipe has way more steps than I usually like, but I still think it’s still fairly simple: Buy some corn* (~4 ears), 1 zucchini, 1 onion (red or white), 1 garlic clove and 1 carton cherry tomatoes at your local farmer’s Market, you’ll also need salt, pepper, … Continue reading RECIPE: Summer Corn Salad

RULE: Slow Down

No really. Sloooooooooow Down. Do you find yourself eating while doing something else, like cleaning or while working? A lot of times I’m eating while typing, which really isn’t that efficient (or hygienic).  I would probably consume less and more infrequently if I had to stop what I was doing and be seated and focused while eating. Novel concept. Plus my typing wouldn’t be so crumby (ba-dump- … Continue reading RULE: Slow Down

RANT: When I’m good, I’m very very good but when I am bad, I am horrid.

Unfortunately, growing up in the south, vegetables on offer were corn, potato salad, and fried okra. Maybe that’s why I hadn’t willingly eaten a raw vegetable until my life’s 3rd decade. Just recently, on our way to hike in the NC mountains, we stopped at a local diner on the side of a two lane country road.  My svelte husband ordered a pork sandwich with … Continue reading RANT: When I’m good, I’m very very good but when I am bad, I am horrid.