RULE: Plan a Pot Luck

If you love to be social, you love food and you love not having to cook…Plan a Potluck! Invite your favorite people, especially those with exceptional culinary skills or farms, and have everyone bring their favorite healthy dish.  Or assign each guest a particular course. Have a theme: Cowboy, Tapas, Green food, Salads, Must include an Egg, The letter B, whatever–get creative! Pictured above is … Continue reading RULE: Plan a Pot Luck

RANT: Got Love?

Have you ever found yourself with a freshly consumed ice cream carton or an empty wine bottle, yet you’re still not full? You keep searching the cabinets and fridge for something sweet, but you can’t quite seem to get your fix? You shop, eat, gamble, or Facebook your face off, but are still unsatisfied? Chances are you haven’t got love. Something to love, someone to love, something … Continue reading RANT: Got Love?