RECIPE: Super Boost Smoothie

Do you find it’s hard to get going in the morning? Having trouble deciding on a quick but healthy breakfast option? Are you getting in your 5 fruits and vegetable servings a day? This vitamin packed smoothie will accomplish all your goals in just a few gulps! The Super Boost smooth will blast your cells with the nutritional and healing components they need to function … Continue reading RECIPE: Super Boost Smoothie

RECIPE: Salad Smoothie

  Remember how I told you getting in green every day is one of THE BEST things you can do for your health!? Well, this smoothie is super task AND is the perfect morning fix for those of us a little tire of salads. It is clean and crisp, and actually doesn’t taste at all like a salad. The carrot juice adds just enough sweet … Continue reading RECIPE: Salad Smoothie

RECIPE: Peach and Carrot Juice Smoothie

Summer is not really over yet right? Savor summer flavors buy freezing your peaches and your blueberries! I’ve got to give a big shout out to my phenomenal step-mother for this recipe. ¬†Firstly, I’m pumped that she’s been juicing and paying attention to what she puts in her body, because of course I want those I love to take care of themselves! ¬†But, it’s also … Continue reading RECIPE: Peach and Carrot Juice Smoothie