REAL French Toast

So most of the recipes on Well & Balanced Health are just that, healthy and balanced.  But every now and then you have to be a little bit naughty!  I tell clients, “It’s good to be bad every now and then”.

I’m not saying polish off a dozen donuts (I’ve done this. Once in medical school) and I’m not saying kick an old lady when she’s fallen and can’t get up.  But every now and then it’s good to break the ‘rules’.  It feels free-ing to allow yourself to indulge.  Blow off that unnecessary meeting; sleep in; have French Toast instead of salad.

Not all the time, but enough to know you’re not living a restrictive life.

That being said, do pick your kids up from school and make them wear the seat belts; but please, for the LOVE, USE REAL INGREDIENTS when making French toast.  And all things for that matter!

French TOast
  1. In a small bowl combine:

2 farm-fresh eggs

1/2 cup whole milk (the kind without hormones and antibiotics floating around in the carton please)

3 dashes of cinnamon

1 dash of sea salt

Once all the above has been whisked together:

2. Heat a large skillet to medium heat and melt 3 large pats of REAL butter (the kind made from milk, from cows without hormones and antibiotics, right? It tastes better and doesn’t cause precocious puberty or cancer)

3. Slice 1 French baguette into 1/2 inch discs (the kind without 75 ingredients and without azodicarbonamide, found in lots of breads, oh and running shoe soles and yoga mats!)

4. Soak both sides of baguette slices in the egg concoction, then place in the skillet to cook. ~ 3-5 minutes each side.  Add butter as necessary.

freanch toast 2

Once both side of the bread is a nice golden, crispy brown, and the bread is not runny with gentle mashing of the spatula…viola! French Toast is ready to serve!

Add REAL Grade B maple syrup and butter and berries to taste!

freanch toast 23

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