While discussing her trip to Bali and Hinduism (and how Hindus take time to pray 3 x day), my hair dresser and I joked about Americans never stop ‘doing’.  No one I know stops to pray 3 x day.  Even when I try to get a regular meditation practice going, I “meditate” while driving or fixing breakfast.  Which I’m pretty sure is NOT meditating!

Forrest Park

As we embark on the Holiday season, I encourage all of us to SLOW DOWN. To be still. To be with ourselves.  And to be gentle with others.

TIPS for slowing down:

  1. Before getting out of bed in the morning, take 3 LONG SLOW DEEP breaths, each time giving thanks for something you hold dear in life.  Try to do this periodically throughout the day.  Notice how much more you relax on your exhale.
  2. Cut social media time by 20 minutes. It’s habit now to grab our phone and look at it when ever we are alone with ourselves.  Waiting for our dinner mate…we grab our phone!  Waiting in line for the bathroom, we check our phone. Heck, I’ve even taken calls or checked social media WHILST using the bathroom!  (oh, like you haven’t!) Get comfortable being alone with yourself, with no distractions! Do nothing for a change!
  3. Try to drive the speed limit. This one is hard for me. But every time I’m in the car I seem to be in a hurry. I’m trying to leave 10 minutes before I need to so I don’t have to rush.
  4. Sit down to eat. And not in your car! Chew your food and actually take a moment to taste the food you’ve chose to nourish yourself.
  5. After dinner see if you can go 2 hours (maybe all the way to bed time) with no screen time (no TV, no phone, no computer)

I’m a little tired of hearing “Be in the Moment” But seriously, y’all, take a moment to stop and just be.  No phones, no deadlines, no thoughts.  It feels good.

Namast-hey hey hey!

2 thoughts on “RANT: SLOW DOWN!

  1. Love this! Driving the speed limit is hardest for me. Then, because of the baby, sitting down to eat and chewing is next hardest. But I notice my digestion is better when I can. I totally forgot how busy babies make a mom! —Terri

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