Surround Yourself with Healthy People

The next time you are out to eat, look around you. Notice the number of fit vs obese people in the restaurant -observe both patrons and employees.  This is a good indicator of whether the restaurant you’ve chosen will support your health.

If you frequent overweight feeding spots, you are likely on your way to joining the millions of hefty Americans – because guess what packs on the pounds? Unhealthy, processed, starchy, salty, sugary foods.  It is also likely that the entrée you order at this gluttony-friendly franchise will be significantly more food than any single human being needs to ingest at one sitting.  And guess what else packs on the pounds? Too much food!

We as Americans, are over fed and under nourished. Obese, but empty.

Now, start to notice where the fit, happy-looking folks graze.  Join them.  There is a reason they are fit and happy.  It’s because they are eating delicious, real foods.  I guarantee, they are eating vegetables.  They are at farmer’s markets and health foods stores.  They are eating at home, at salad bars and sushi restaurants, or at non-franchised restaurants; they are eating locally grown foods.   Eat the real, natural, unprocessed foods we are intended to eat.  The foods that heal and nourish us. The foods that keep us healthy.

Discover nutritious and delicious recipes and seek out venues serving locally grown fare, and treat yourself to these healthful places.  Over time, your body will radiate the goodness you are ingesting.  Try it!

3 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Healthy People

  1. There was a time I could actually dine at an “all-you-can-eat” buffet type restaurant — the very thought of them now makes me sick! We now refer to them as “feeding troughs” — and all the little pigs line up for their daily allotment of slop.

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